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About the Program

The department offers graduate study leading to a Master of Arts in English and welcomes applicants aiming to study literature and cultural texts at advanced levels. The two-year program allows students to engage in dynamic seminars, teach undergraduates, obtain professional development training for academic conferences and publications and network with contacts across the region.

The program is particularly well-suited for students who anticipate further graduate work in a literature Ph.D. program or intend to teach English in a community college or, after obtaining a credential, in a secondary school. Our graduates have also found success in publishing, editing, non-profit work, and legal professions, demonstrating that while our M.A. students study literature, they also learn skills that transfer beyond academia.

The department offers a wide range of courses and approaches to studying literature and writing. Faculty publications are similarly diverse. They include major literary biographies, historical studies, critical analysis from various current perspectives, reviews of and interviews with contemporary writers, and a broad spectrum of original poetry and fiction.



The Graduate Director is Professor Diana Leong.

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This program met every expectation—the faculty presented unique course materials that represented decades of experience as well as an abiding interest in a diverse range of literary subjects.

—Alan Traylor, English Instructor, Grossmont College