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Advanced Certificate in Children’s/Adolescent Literature

The Department of English and Comparative Literature offers an Advanced Certificate in Children’s/Adolescent Literature for those who are currently enrolled in a graduate program or anticipate enrolling in graduate-level instruction. For more information on graduate admissions, review the graduate application criteria.

The program requires a 3.0 grade point average of matriculated students. Non-matriculated students’ applications will be reviewed for relevant and sufficient preparation.

Program Requirements

Students in the certificate program will take twelve units of graduate-level courses. Applicable courses include:

  • ECL 501 Literature for Children (3 units)
  • ECL 502 Adolescence in Literature (3 units)
  • ECL 503 Topics in Children’s Literature (3 units)
  • ECL 604D Seminar: Literary Period or Movement- Children's Literature (3 units)
  • ECL 606D Seminar: A Literary Type - Children's Literature (3 units)
  • ECL 700 Seminar: A Major Author or Authors (3 units)
  • ECL 727 Seminar: Issues in Children’s Literature (3 units)

The advanced certificate requires 12 units selected from ECL 604D, 606D, 700, 727. Three to six of the 12 units can be selected from ECL 501, 502, 503. Students can petition that any additional 500+ level children’s literature course be used towards certification completion including ECL 556 and ECL 696.

Units taken to complete the advanced certificate may be applied to an M.A. degree in English and/or M.F.A. degree with approval of the appropriate graduate advisor.

It should be understood that graduate courses in Children's Literature in SDSU's Department of English and Comparative Literature are not classes in writing for children (creative writing), nor are they classes in educational methodology (how to use books with children in school classrooms). Instead, they are advanced courses in literary study where Children's Literature is examined.

How to Enroll

Individuals interested in enrolling and applying for the Graduate Certificate in Children's Literature should:

  1. Contact Lashon Daley, the Director of the Children's Literature Program at [email protected].
  2. After consultation, please submit the Certificate Enrollment Form.



The Certificate Director is Professor Lashon Daley.  To make an advising appointment, please contact [email protected].

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