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Certificate Programs

Undergraduate certificate programs offered by the Department of English & Comparative Literature offer students opportunities to prepare for possible careers in literary editing and publishing, strengthen their preparedness and candidacy for future graduate study, and otherwise explore new possibilities and develop new skill sets. These certificates are open to students from all majors, including English and Comparative Literature.

Download the advising sheet for undergraduate certificates.

The Certificate in Children’s Literature allows students to benefit from the programming and curriculum offered by SDSU’s National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. Designed for students interested in education, library studies, writing for children/young adults, children’s/YA editing and publishing, and/or graduate study in children’s/YA literature, the certificate provides specialized study in children’s and young adult literature.

  • (15 units) English 220, 501, 502; six units of English 503
  • (3 units) Choose 1 course: Theatre 310, 315, 510, 580; History 402; Music 343

The Creative Editing and Publishing certificate prepares students for careers in literary publishing, or for other careers where advanced editing and creative skills are desirable. It provides students with broad exposure to current issues in literary publishing, access to numerous publishing professionals, and hands-on publishing experience. Through the development of skills in literary editing, publishing, and writing through theoretical and practical applications, the certificate enhances employment opportunities and opens a broad range of choices in the post-degree job market.

  • (15 units) All courses required: English 280, 495, 576A, 576B, 579
  • (3 units) Choose 1 course: Rhetoric and Writing Studies 501, 503W, 505, 507

The Creative Writing certificate provides a structured and multifaceted curriculum for those who wish to pursue their interest in writing creative nonfiction, literary translation, poetry, scripts for the screen, and/or short fiction. Designed to allow students to update, structure, and formalize their knowledge and interest in the study of the writer’s art, it is ideal for those interested in pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree.

  • (6 units) All courses required: English 280, 495
  • (12 units) Choose 4 courses: English 570, 571, 573, 576A, 577, 579, 580, 581W, 584W

How to Enroll

To enroll in a certificate program, please complete the Certificate Enrollment Form and return it to to Mary Garcia at [email protected].



The Undergraduate Director is Professor Clare Colquitt. To make an advising appointment, please contact Mary Garcia at [email protected].

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