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Children's Literature Undergraduate Minor

The minor in children’s literature allows students in a wide variety of fields to benefit from programming and curriculum offered by the faculty of SDSU’s National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. Courses in the literature of young childhood and adolescence benefit students preparing for careers in education, psychology, social work, medicine, or any other field serving children.


Students in the certificate program will take fifteen units of courses. Applicable courses include:

  • (3 units) ECL 220: Introduction to Literature
  • (3 units) ECL 501
  • (3 units) ECL 502
  • (3 units) ECL 503
  • (3 units) 1 additional upper-division ECL course

More Information

Individuals interested in the minor in Children's Literature should contact Lashon Daley, the Director of the Children's Literature Program at [email protected] to discuss the program.



The undergraduate adviser is Professor Tracy Cummings. Please visit SDSU Navigate to schedule an advising appointment.

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