Jessica Pressman, Ph.D.

Jessica Pressman

Office: AL-261
Email: [email protected]

Jessica Pressman is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University, where she co-founded SDSU’s Digital Humanities Initiative. She is the author of Bookishness: Loving Books in a Digital Age (Columbia UP, 2020), Digital Modernism: Making It New in New Media (Oxford University Press, 2014), co-author, with Mark C. Marino and Jeremy Douglass, of ReadingProject: A Collaborative Analysis of William Poundstone’s Project for Tachistoscope {Bottomless Pit} (University of Iowa Press, 2015). She co-edited two volumes: Comparative Textual Media: Transforming theHumanities in the Postprint Era (University of Minnesota Press, 2013) with N. Katherine Hayles and Book Presence in a Digital Age (Bloomsbury Press, 2018) with Kiene Brillenburg Wurth and Kári Driscoll. Her full CV can be found at