Harold Jaffe, Ph.D.

Harold Jaffe

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Harold Jaffe has published 30 volumes of fiction, “docufiction,” essays, plays, and novels, most recently Strange Fruit and Other Plays; BRUT: Writings on Art and Artists; Goosestep: Fictions; Porn-anti-Porn; Death Cafe: Fictions and DocufictionsOthello Blues: Novel; and Brando Bleeds: Novel. Recent translations of Jaffe’s books include: French, Spanish, Turkish, and French. Jaffe is editor-in-chief of the literary/cultural journal Fiction International.

Induced Coma

is increasingly common in medical procedures.

Patients lapsing back to real time claim it’s a sweet space.


Parallel world, noiseless, zero technology.

You can hang there for a long time like Jesus without nails.

But isn’t this coma-land of yours just a degraded version of Nirvana?