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About the Children's Literature Program

Children’s Literature Minor

The minor in children’s literature allows students in a wide variety of fields to benefit from programming and curriculum offered by the faculty of SDSU’s National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. Courses in the literature of young childhood and adolescence benefit students preparing for careers in education, psychology, social work, medicine, or any other field serving children.  See the minors page for more information.

Children’s Literature Certificate

The Certificate in Children’s Literature allows students to benefit from the programming and curriculum offered by SDSU’s National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. Designed for students interested in education, library studies, writing for children/young adults, children’s/YA editing and publishing, and/or graduate study in children’s/YA literature, the certificate provides specialized study in children’s and young adult literature.  See the undergradutes certificates page for more information.

Children’s/Adolescent Literature Advanced Certificate

The Department of English and Comparative Literature offers an Advanced Certificate in Children’s/Adolescent Literature for those who may already have M.A. or Ph.D.s in other fields, for those who wish to undertake a shorter schedule of study than required for the M.A., for those wishing to update their knowledge (parents, teachers, librarians), and for postbaccalaureate students interested in children’s and adolescent books. Teachers and other professionals will use the certificate for advancement in employment; other students will find it to be an excellent professional entree or upgrade in publishing, editing, writing, or selling children’s books.  See certificate page for more information.