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San Diego State University
Department of English and Comparative Literature

Harold Jaffe, Ph.D.

Phone: (619)-594-5469
Office: AL-269

Professor Jaffe is the author of 22 books: including novels, fiction and "docufiction" collections and two volumes of essays. These include Mourning Crazy Horse (1982), Dos Indios (1983), Beasts (1986), Madonna and Other Spectacles (1988), Eros Anti-Eros (1990), Straight Razor (1995), Othello Blues (1996), Sex for the Millennium (1999), False Positive (2002), 15 Serial Killers (2003), Terror-dot-Gov (2005), Beyond the Techno-Cave: A Guerrilla Writer's Guide to Post-Millennial Culture (2007), Jesus Coyote (2008), Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories (2010), Paris 60 (2010), OD, a collection of texts featuring known people who have died either deliberately or inadvertently by overdosing on drugs (2011), and Revolutionary Brain (2012). His latest works are Othello Blues, novel, 2013 (Journal of Experimental Fiction Books) and Induced Coma: 50 & 100-Word Stories, 2014 (Anti-Oedipus Press). Jaffe is the editor-in-chief of Fiction International.

Induced Coma

is increasingly common in medical procedures.

Patients lapsing back to real time claim it’s a sweet space.


Parallel world, noiseless, zero technology.

You can hang there for a long time like Jesus without nails.

But isn’t this coma-land of yours just a degraded version of Nirvana?